Pipeline Recompression, Gas recompression, Emission Reduction services

Pipeline Evacuation

Transferring gas from valve sections being removed from service into active sections of pipeline. This is a preferable option to blowing or flaring the gas.

Mobile Compression and Recompression

Temporary Compression

Reserve provides natural gas compression to increase pressure or capacity in pipelines.

Natural Gas Compressor services along with Portable compression and recompression

Specialized Equipment

Reserve has portable natural gas compressors on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all your pipeline evacuation and compression needs.

Industry Leaders in Pipeline Evacuation

When you need to take a section of pipeline out of service, Reserve Equipment, Inc. can move quickly to the site, connect our equipment to the target line with flexible hosing, and transfer the bulk of your natural gas across a block valve sending it on down the line toward your market.

By transferring the gas, you avoid losing its value; you avoid releasing it into the atmosphere; and you avoid exposing your personnel to noise and heat risks. You also retain, in your pipeline, whatever toxins may be present. We have performed evacuation services at hundreds of sites, using from one to seven systems manifolded together.

We have evacuated lines as short as a single pig trap and as long as 700 miles in length. We have evacuated lines from 4 to 48 inches in diameter, with initial pressures ranging from 130 to 1,350 psig. We do this routinely on a turnkey basis, with service tailored to your needs. Reserve's pipeline evacuation service, a highly mobile mix of men, machinery, parts, supplies, engineering and service, goes anywhere you need for as long as you need, and then moves on, leaving you only the profits.

Pipeline pumpdown, Cross Compression and Gas recompression

Reserve Group Milestones


Experience in customer service

Miles of Pipelines evacuated in last 5 years.


Projects completed in 49 US states


Average cubic feet of gas saved per year


The Reserve companies are industry leaders in pipeline evacuation, temporary Compression and LNG vaporization services

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